For all surface treatments of aluminium

Adruu is the number one specialist for surface treatments such as anodizing and hard anodizing to exact dimensions, colour anodizing, chromating, bright dip anodizing, satin anodizing, passivation and TeflonTM or PTFE coating. And Adruu is also your partner of choice for pre-machining operations like brushing, grinding, polishing, tumbling, sanding and blasting, and for post-treatments like ultrasonic cleaning, cleanroom packaging and laser engraving.

Modern anodizing lines

Adruu has both a large (4000x1200x500mm) and small anodizing line at its disposal. This enables Adruu to produce both large and small series (‘from single items to millions of parts a year’) and to continue to actively further develop and optimize its processes. These different, modern anodizing lines allow us to offer the highest quality at highly competitive prices. Adruu is the perfect place for both standard parts and high-precision parts with high accuracies and tolerances and for high-quality cosmetic parts.

Anodizing high-precision parts to exact dimensions

With Adruu you can be certain that your parts will be anodized to the exact dimensions you require: micron-accurate! Adruu uses sophisticated measuring equipment like a 3-D measuring machine, roughness testers, layer thickness testers, aTaber-Abraser, a reflectometer and various gauges to perform receiving and final inspections.

Anodizing high-quality cosmetic parts

Adruu makes use of a specially developed pickling process to remove any irregularities from high-quality cosmetic parts. But Adruu also has a lot of experience of pre-machining such products. Our pre-machining operations include brushing, grinding, polishing and blasting. Our automotive customers, as well as customers from other industries that set high requirements on the visual appearance of parts, have a great demand for these pre-machining operations. Furthermore, Adruu can take care of the final inspections, including 100% inspection, and standard or special packaging to enable your products to be shipped directly to your international customers.

Adruu specialises in the following surface treatments:

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Hoogglans anodiseren (4000x1000x500)
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