Chromating aluminium, on a large and a small line

Adruu works with different chromating, also known as ‘chromate conversion’, processes (RoHS compliant), among which the Alodine 1500 process and the Surtec 650 process. A chromate layer gives corrosion resistance and is electrically conductive, contrary to anodized layers that are electrically insulating. Although chromating is usually applied to create an adhesive layer for powder coats and paints, Adruu also specialises in chromating as a high-quality finish treatment.

Large and small lines for chromating and combination with anodizing

Parts can be treated with chromating (chromium VI free / RoHS compliant) on both the small and the large lines.
Adruu also offers you the possibility of having your parts subjected to a combination of anodizing and chromating. This combination is often applied to parts such as front panels and housings in the electronics industry, where electrostratic charge must be avoided (for EMC reasons).

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