Colour anodizing of aluminium

Adruu has more than 30 years’ experience of colour anodizing aluminium. Throughout this time we have continued to optimise our processes and one of our specialities has become colour anodizing. Adruu can also treat large numbers of products with a repetitive character in a superior way. For example, Adruu’s black anodized layers enjoy international fame for their very deep black colour, which was developed especially for the automotive sector.

Large and small lines for hard anodizing to exact dimensions

Anodized aluminium is timeless. But anodizing can also be combined with lots of other colours. Adruu is one of few companies to be able to anodize both single parts and large numbers of parts with a variety of colours. As standard, our large anodizing line (4000x1000x500mm) has colour baths for black, red, blue, orange, gold and champagne. The small, specialist line also has special gun metal and purple colour baths. And furthermore, all colours that you may require can be produced on both the small and the large lines by special request.

Quality guarantee of colour anodizing

The coloured anodized layers have excellent UV resistance. A renowned German body has rated the light fastness of our black anodized parts as class 9 (according to ISO 2135). And since our coloured anodized layers are less expensive and less rough than electrolytically coloured surfaces, various companies, including those from the automotive sector, specifically choose for Adruu.

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