Pre-machining aluminium

Although Adruu uses a special pickling process to remove any irregularities, aluminium parts can also be pre-machined to remove any damage, burrs or sharp edges or to create a special look.

Pre-machining operations like brushing, grinding, polishing, blasting

ADRUU is eveneens gespecialiseerd in voorbehandelingen als Adruu also specialises in pre-machining operations like brushing, grinding, polishing, high-gloss polishing, blasting. Customers in the automotive and electronics and other industries frequently make use of the pre-machining possibilities offered by Adruu.

Combination of pre-machining operations

To achieve the desired result, Adruu matches the pre-machining operation, the special pickling process and the right anodizing method to each other, all in coordination with the customer of course. Pre-machining operations in the form of brushing, grinding, polishing and/or blasting are often combined with Adruu’s bright dip or satin anodizing processes. An extremely attractive high-gloss look is created, for example by high-gloss polishing and bright dip anodizing products. This combination of pre-machining operations is applied quite regularly for the interior building, sanitary, lighting and electronics industries and the automotive sector.

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