Ultrasonic cleaning and cleanroom package

Ultrasonic cleaning and cleanroom (Grade 2, Grade 4)

Adruu is also your supplier of choice for post-treating parts and sheet materials. Adruu  has a modern cleanroom (ISO class 5) and cleaning line and can ultrasonically clean and cleanroom-package parts and sheets.

Cleanroom (ISO class 5) and ultrasonic cleaning line

High-quality laser engravings

Adruu is experienced in applying high-quality laser engravings. Examples of laser engravings that are applied regularly at Adruu include: applying (ascending) numbers, digital text and logos with very fine lines. And local laser removal of an anodized layer to enable electrical conduction is also a possibility. Parts can also be laser engraved 360 degrees.

Final inspections and regular and special packaging

Adruu can take care of all final inspections, including 100% inspection, and standard or special packaging, enabling your products to be shipped directly to your international customers.

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