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Hard anodizing aluminium products

Hard anodizing gives the aluminium a very thick and hard layer that is wear and corrosion resistant. Hard anodized layers are resistant to extremely high loads and are more wear resistant than hardened steel or hard chrome. Hard anodizing gives very high scratch resistance and high electrical insulation. Hard anodized layers can also be PTFE coated to achieve good sliding properties and low friction resistance. And post-treatments to achieve very low roughness values, such as honing or lapping, are also possible.

Large and small lines for hard anodizing to exact dimensions
Adruu can hard anodize parts both on its large line (4000 x 1000 x 500 mm) and on its small line. This enables Adruu to treat aluminium parts very fast and effectively, from single products to millions of parts a year.

Quality guarantee for hard anodizing to exact dimensions.
In principle, parts can be hard anodized to exact dimensions. For certain dimensions and layer thicknesses, it makes sense to correct the dimensions in advance. Adruu treats products according to the most common standards such as Mil Specs and automotive standards like TL-212.

Ask our staff for the possibilities.


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